Normal wedding fever or jitters occur within the time frame of wedding preparation for most couples. Some of these may be attributed to usual nervousness accompanying the wedding in general and the sense of being emotional and fretful about the whole event. But when partners get to experience other negative feelings regarding the wedding and whether they really want to proceed, it could take a toll on emotions and feelings leading to one making the biggest mistake ever in their lives.

We often hear women go like they will never back out of their wedding no matter what reasons may present themselves owing to the fact that a lot of planning and preparation has gone into the whole event as well as the feelings of the other partner may be hurt if the wedding is called off, so they would rather not.

But then it suddenly hit me into realizing the fact that most people and not only the women hold this view of not ever calling a wedding off. So then I thought to myself, maybe there are others out there who feel trapped in some kind of wedding commitment of which they may be a bit rather uncertain of going through, but don’t really know how to go about this. There’s no need to fear here. It’s a normal feeling to have especially when you not so sure of what you getting yourself into or whom you marrying really. So just below are few pointers that may help you in knowing at what point exactly it is safe to call off a wedding or what circumstances demand it.

You need to call it off when:

  • Time interval seems to be the only reason you marrying someone.

If you’d have any reason to marry someone, I don’t think the number of years you happen to be with them should convince your choice of wanting to marry them. It’s one very common mistake people seem to make that lands them eventually in a world full of unhappiness. Probably I may have dated a guy for a number of years, say two or three years, but it doesn’t mean we are ready for marriage or anything like that. It’s totally wrong. Call it off.

  • You aren’t in love.

Not being in love with someone or even certain whether what you feel is love, is surely a big sign that should prompt you to call of the wedding. I know you may be thinking things might get better eventually when you guys get married and you will grow to love him…, hell NO sweetheart! Things don’t work that way in these parts of the world. Marriage is a serious business. Once you are in, there’s no going back. Your happiness depends on it. If you feel miserable being with that person in a mere relationship, imagine being glued to them for the rest of your life? It’s NO!

  • You are not genuinely happy about the whole wedding planning and preparation.

Bam! Walk out now before you say those vows. It’s an inner feeling telling you things aren’t that great for you two. Your wedding is supposed to bring excitement, not you brooding and feeling all moody, sad and disconnected from the whole event. It’s better to trust your instincts of not being happy genuinely and just call it off. Better to break the wedding now, than to enjoy a future marriage hanging on rocks.