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Surprisingly enough, most brides seem not to get so carried away when it comes to selecting the perfect piece of jewelry to match or compliment their dream wedding. Which of course is such a big risk to take right? Your sense of selection should be one that works well enough to turn your big day into the most beautiful of all days. So I ask the question, why can’t you look awesome? And the answer is not so farfetched. Truth be told, most brides to be don’t seem to know how to go about selecting the right kind of accessory to match the big day. So we’re going to correct all that…, starting with the EARRINGS! Ding!!!

Having all the ‘blings’ and sparkle forming your earring piece is nice and admirable, but then you need to consider certain aspects of the accessory you putting on. Talking of the color, the size, length, shape and all, come into play to give you that perfect finish. Your earrings should completely bond with your gown and its color. Length should be considered based on the type of face or jaw line one has. Is your face wide, or narrow…, check out all these and get to know which particular earring agrees with your face structure in totality as well as your gown. You should also avoid overdoing things too much when it comes to accessorizing. Too much of everything is bad as we all know, so try to just fit in small accessories at a time, but focusing on getting the right look and appeal that you want on that day. To be certain of what you’ll like on that big day, get your earrings ahead of time to avoid any mishaps. Try them on and see how you look. Do not over spend! Looking good doesn’t always have to be you emptying your bank account.  Be realistic and go along with your budget list. You’ll do just fine with this, trust me.