Family Dynamics During Wedding Planning

Family means a lot to everybody. And when it comes to weddings, it’s no different. Family dynamics can either make or break a wedding event. So there’s the need to pay close attention to both families involved in the whole process of you two getting married. Marriage is a union that joins both the families of the bride and groom together.

Planning a wedding and being somewhat ‘choosey’, may send the wrong signal to which ever family is on the opposite side. To avoid any conflict or drama as much as possible, try including and blending both families into the wedding preparation process.  Assign specific tasks and obligations to family members, in order to make them have that sense of being part of your wedding generally.

Get everyone involved

Get everyone involved

Let them help in whatever way they can. Be effective and open-minded when it comes to communicating your ideas and plans regarding the wedding. Do not side line your partner’s family and make the wedding an event exclusive only to your family. Be sure to show some level of appreciation to your family as well as that of your partner. That sense of gratitude will only make them want to contribute more towards making your big day a memorable one. It may be your day, but there are others involved who want your happiness as well. Let them count!

Written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.