Father of the Bride


It is the dream of every father to see his daughter get married. This day serves as a very memorable one and its importance factors in the father of the bride. So then, being just that, you need to look your best on this day. There’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever not to. For a normal or regular white wedding, it’s somehow easy to figure out just what to wear to pull the wedding off. But then what about the typical or local Ghanaian wedding? How should the father of the bride look like to fit the part? Looking at today’s modern desire and thirst for African designs and print, I would say that the traditional kente cloth would do just fine.

Possessing the finest blend of colors that bring out that unique African taste and rich culture, the kente cloth compliments the father of the bride making him look as important as he is to the bride. Having a unique culture, places us in the position of doing things a little bit different from the western world.

The kente cloth stands out among all other attire selections for the father of the bride. Any color choice is most preferable once it matches with the chosen colors of the day for the wedding. There are over thousand and one styles to select from, based on ones taste and approach to the wedding in general. Below are some photo shots that will help you in knowing just the kind of designs to choose from….