Focusing Too Much on the Wedding

FOCUSING TOO MUCH ON THE WEDDING ….. dangers that blind one from seeing real marriage issues.

Weddings are a great thing of joy for everybody out there, and throughout the planning stages and whole preparation, a lot of pressure goes into making that day ideally special and a memorable one. This much dedication and complete focus on the main event day could lead one far away in recognizing or even seeing the real pressure that follows after the wedding itself. Now, don’t get me wrong though by what I’m saying here. We all agree that as important as weddings are, they do demand attention and focus. But sometimes that could mislead one into accepting only the positive side that marriage has to offer and in turn forgetting about the aftermath of the wedding.

One may ask how this can affect couples, and the answers may not be farfetched I must say. The tendency of having to focus too much on a wedding, may blind one from realizing that they might be marrying the wrong person. Being blinded by the happiness of the moment may take away that knowledge of pausing to view just what you getting yourself involved in. one may not see it as being that important, but after the wedding, then it hits you. Which of course by then might be a bit too late.

Also, overdoing things too much to the point of focusing on your wedding more, can blind you from realizing just how financially unstable you and your partner really are. This tends to place you in the situation of becoming constrained financially after the wedding, making it somewhat difficult to survive. This is a major problem for most couples in times like this. When the finances of the day are really ignored and much spending goes into the wedding preparation and planning so much to the point of forgetting ones financial means and boundaries, grave danger may loom ahead after the wedding.

Being happy is a normal and natural feeling to have when one is about to get married no kidding, but focusing too much attention on it could lead you into forgetting the aftermath of marriage. At this stage, real marital issues between spouses crop up. No one is really an expert in marriage until they venture into it. Thus, the need to exercise some form of caution or patience when getting into. Be sure to feel happy on your wedding day, by all means, but don’t get all carried away.