Honeymoon Destinations in Ghana for Couples

So all the fuss is over finally I guess…, now what do we do next after the wedding? Thinking what I’m thinking…… it’s time for the HONEY MOON of course!!!! You guess is as good a mine. That’s where I come in to help all of you out there who find it difficult or should I say stressed up in finding the perfect destinations to go have your honey moon. So if you ready, take a walk with me as we explore…

The first destination to try out will be the STONE LODGE situated in the serene environment of Asutsuare, about an hour drive away from Accra. This location provides an incredibly great view of the countryside, with rooms, restaurants, bars and swimming pool facilities to make ones stay an unforgettable one. It’s a place that’s in tune with nature and offers lodgers an even closer exposure to nature and all the goodness it has to offer. So thinking about taking that honey moon? My personal and favorite pick is the STONE LODGE.

Then comes another favorite destination to explore by just- wedded couples…., the AXIM BEACH HOTEL. This amazing destination is found along the beaches of Axim in the Western Region. It houses typical Ghanaian culture and architecture as well as giving Ghanaians the experience and opportunity to view the wonderful and breath-taking shores of Axim.  I learnt there’s an added plus of offering solar hot baths to visitors and bore water facilities, climaxing ones stay in this amazing tourist destination. Can it get any better? Why not try it out and see.

Next destination is the BEIGE VILLAGE. This is actually one of the newest resorts in Ghana currently offering or providing recreational options for couples like you reading this. It houses large conference facilities, numerous and spacious rooms as well as spa services coupled with modern swimming pool facilities just to make your stay a memorable one!  Situated at New Abirem in the Eastern Region of Ghana, the BEIGE VILLAGE is a sure destination site to visit when considering Possible Honey moon resorts to lodge in.

But then of course we can never leave out the HOLY TRINITY AND HEALTH SPA now can we? Arguably one of the most popular honey moon destination points for couples in Ghana! This exquisite facility is situated in the Volta Region, Sokakope to be precise and offers the most relaxing and serene environment couples could ever ask for. It provides one an added advantage of de-stressing and rejuvenating the body, soul and mind generally. Providing unique services such as breakfast, lunch, spa treatment, dental and general medical services, HOLY TRINITY has over the years become on e of the most visited tourist destinations for visitors. And oh, did I forget to mention the horseback riding services they offer? Mm hmm…., it’s simply breathtaking I tell you and you need to go find out for yourself.