Importance of Prayer Before Wedding

Prayer plays a very significant role in marriage. From the commencement stages through to the end of the event. Weddings may differ from couple to couple and by this religion comes into play. For a Christian type wedding, praying before the main event s very much vital and a must do. The whole institution of marriage draws its origination from the bible of which needs to be backed by prayers before, during and after the event.

Some religions may not necessarily agree with this, but prayers do actually help make a wedding beautiful and successful. Prayer is a way of committing your entire wedding into the hands of the big man above. It’s that period where you do your humanly best as much as possible and just relax, sit back and leave the rest for God to handle. You need to be grateful at least…  He got you this far in your relationship and sure is walking down that aisle with you, so why not give him a little reverence and thanks? Christians cannot walk literally into marriages unprepared now can they?

You need to have a spiritual backing. You need to have some form of protection and certainty that your wedding will be covered and insured. Who better to give you that insurance but God? The importance of prayer generally before, during and after a wedding cannot be over emphasized. It’s that whole spiritual exercise that gives a wedding that extra boost of success, progress and beauty.

Written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo