Make Up

Looking your best on the day of your wedding never comes easy you know. No matter how beautiful you may appear naturally, you still need a little bit of added spice to push you out there on the day of your wedding, making you stand out tall. So then, what do you need to look out for in looking your best on that day? Here are few simple tips or tricks to help give you that awesome look you’ve always desired.

  • Before putting on your make up for the big day, it’s always advisable to do a pre-trial or testing. This is to enable you know how you’ll actually look on t he final day. It gives you a feel of what to expect facially on that day. You don’t really want to get into that wedding looking all weird now do you? A pre-trial lets you know just what color to use to bring out the perfect look you want. It doesn’t cost a thing! Just try it.
  • You need to also take into consideration the outfit for the day, your WEDDING GOWN. Most brides prefer to go with the usual white wedding gown flow, which isn’t such a bad choice but actually just needs a little blending with the facial makeup. It’s most suitable to choose or go with colors that match your gown as this tends to help accentuate or bring out the color more.
  • Try paying more attention to the vital parts of your body that appears to be naturally beautiful and flawless. For example, you may possess naturally soft and curvy eyebrows, long curvy lashes or even a perfectly toned skin complexion. Use these by adding just about enough touch-ups to blend all the other facial elements missing together to bring out the perfect finish you want.
  • Throw more light on your eyes, lips and neck region especially. Apply brighter colors to the lips to throw more light on your pictures at the end of the day. Lighter colors tend to dim at the background making your lips look nude. Your eyes represent the windows to your soul. Use them effectively in channeling your emotions of happiness and glee on the wedding day. Bring out the light in them.

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