Myth Worth Knowing About Weddings

By now we all might be familiar with myths surrounding almost any and everything we do. One interesting thing I noticed is that even though we tend to have belief in most of these myths, most of us don’t even know where or how these myths and beliefs came about, so much as to be believed and accepted by all. What are some of the craziest myths you’ve ever heard with regards to weddings? What do they really imply? Need answers to these questions. ….follow me as we reveal some of them to you.


  • Pearls Pearls Pearls! Hmmm…A very popular myth, representing a bad omen when a woman wears it on the day of her wedding. It is said to represent tears, heartache and pain in the marriage life of one if worn on the very faithful day of a wedding.


  • The presence of rain on ones wedding day is said to bring about tears, of which will last till the very end of the marriage entered into. In short, having rain showers on your wedding day breeds doom for the marriage as it is a symbol showing the tears you’re going to shed in your marriage life.


  • A bride or groom who drops the wedding ring unto the ground is said to be the first to die in the marriage. This is often considered as one of the most unlucky event to ever happen to any couple on the day of their wedding. I mean…but of course it’s unlucky. Who ever fancies the thought of dying in a marriage union talk less of going first?


  • It is considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the actual wedding ceremony. Seeing the bride in her gown before that special day may breed bad luck to the wedding.


  • Saturday is considered the most unlucky day to get married according to ancient English Folklore and is still believed to be till date. What an irony! When Saturdays appear to be the only day fit enough for so many people these days to get married. Hmm.


  • The veil is believed to protect the bride from evil spirits. Brides who do not wear veils at their weddings are at a high risk of turning their good fortunes upside down in their marriage. I didn’t say it. …..myth says so.


  • A bride is not supposed to make her own wedding dress! If she does, she suffers the fate of experiencing great sorrow in her marriage. Every stitch sewn by the bride represents the tears going to be shed at the wedding.


  • It is believed that the bride and groom must exchange their wedding vows only when the clocks minute hand ascends upwards. Any other time than this, which implies any time past the hour descending downwards, is said to bring curses upon the couple. The clock ascending upwards is an indication of blessings pouring forth from above (heaven) into the marriage.


  • It is considered bad luck for a bride to sign her married name when she’s not yet performed the full wedding rites. Doing this, is said to be one trying to tempt fate, which could go ill and bad.