Selecting the Right MC for Your Wedding

An Mc position at a wedding is a very vital one which requires much needed skill and talent in pulling off an amazing wedding. Being the master of ceremonies (MC), some of the roles accorded  includes the introduction of guests attending the wedding, coordination of entertainment activities (such as speeches,  photo slide coordination), maintaining and keeping track of time and event schedule, ensuring the effective running of events generally, among other functions assigned. The role of being the Mc in an event is one that is left entirely to the organizers of the event, of which in this case will be the bride and groom.  But then in this instant, one may find the task often being handed into the hands of the best man, while at other times it falls unto the lap of a family member or relative for that matter. Either ways is fine as long as you try and look out for certain star qualities before handing down that mantle. When you decide to choose an Mc for your wedding, try looking out for these qualities….

  • Regardless of who you’ve chosen to play the role of MC at your wedding, you need someone who is out-going and confident. Putting someone up front to face a crowd that’s large is not an easy thing at all and as such demands much skill and talent. It requires someone who is good at public speaking, not just in a small group but with a relatively large group of people.
  • Choose or go for someone who is confident, experienced and knows what he/she is about. Someone who is a pro at what they’re doing. If it demands for you to hire someone who is a professional other than your best man or relative, do so. By all means. Get someone who has done it before and actually holds some form of confidence in doing it again. A newbie might perform well too, but when compared to someone who’s done that before, they don’t come close. So do take care in choosing wisely.
  • Also, go for someone who possesses a good sense of humor, one that can be accommodated by all present at the event. Choosing someone with a great sense of humor shouldn’t necessarily be someone who is a ‘clown’ so to speak, but someone who flows naturally and freely at winning and capturing the hearts of your guests. Using someone like this is a plus as it reduces the tension at the event with the insertion of few jokes here and there at the wedding to create some form of relaxation among your guests. An Mc that is too serious and overly focused might not do the trick if you looking forward to winning the heart of your guests at the end of the day. Pick someone who will keep it real nice, simple and up to the task, but funny at the same time.

Even though one may feel comfortable with a person selected to perform the role of a master of ceremony, it is important to do a pre-trial with whomever you’ve decided to choose for the big day. Now, this is not to mean that you are not confident in the person you’ve chosen but it only goes to show how well you want to see your wedding turn out. So, if it’s an externally hired Mc you’ve de3cided to pick for that day, do a little rehearsal of some sort with him/her. Get to know how they’ll go about running the show on your wedding day. If it’s a relative on the other hand, the better. This means you’ll have your work cut out for you as he/she will be someone you’ll personally rehearse with at your own convenience.