Wedding Checklist – A Must Have for Every Couple

We all need organizing in every aspect of life in order to get things done accurately. Like every field one may employ the use of organizers or checklists, so do weddings also require such planning in order to make the day a memorable one. Planning a wedding can be stressful need I say no more, but it could be even more difficult when you have nothing to depend on in going about doing stuff for the set day. A checklist is basically an easier format of listing everything that needs to be done before, on or after the wedding.  It gives you a general idea of what needs to be done in a systematic order of which needs to be followed in order to gain the desired results.  You might not know how to go about this, so we’ve been able to put up a little example to help you know how to go about preparing your own personal wedding checklist. It’s not that difficult really. You just need to arrange your wedding needs in accordance with what needs to be done first, and then the second, down to the third…and the list goes on.


  • Draw up a budget for the wedding (overall financial budget cut).
  • Pick potential wedding dates that suit both you and your partner.
  • Start planning your guest list.
  • Design and be ready to send out your wedding invitation cards
  • Pick out potential venues and ceremony locations for the wedding (consider size of guests).
  • Gather information about decorating the venue chosen finally and get a team to help out.
  • Select your bridesmaids and groomsmen (make a list of others who can help out at the wedding).
  • Pick your wedding dresses! The groom and bride equally.
  • Plan out the meal selection for your guests (banqueting, take -out orders, etc)
  • Plan suitable wedding souvenirs to give out to your guests.


This list is an example of how you can go about planning your wedding to be the success you want it to be. It may vary from person to person and does not necessarily have to follow the above same pattern. But it’s just so you get to have an idea of how it is done and how to go about planning yours. Having a wedding list is the surest way to take away all of the headache you’ll be facing from the day you and your partner decide to tie the knot. Why not use it!