Handling Wedding Disasters on Your Special Day

No matter how well you plan your special day, mistakes are bound to happen. Wedding disasters can make or break you depending on how it’s handled.  Most women place so much emphasis on their wedding day leading to fear of making mistakes.  This fear tends to make this day end up so bad especially if you allow it get the better part of you. No matter how you view it, wedding disasters happen day in and day out, so expect it on your day! But how you rise above this setback, bouncing back on your feet is what matters most.


Common Wedding Disasters include:

wedding disasters

How to handle wedding disasters

  • Wedding dress not fitting well
  • Make-up going bad
  • Slip or fall down the aisle
  • Food going bad
  • Wrong pronunciation of names
  • Forgetting wedding vows
  • Raining heavily in outdoor wedding
  • Power going off (if you live in Ghana get a back generator)

The secret to overcoming most of these wedding disasters is to avoid them from getting to you.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience you know… Why allow trivial setbacks ruin it for you? Do not let these disasters affect that special moment you share with your partner. Assure yourself that mistakes happen everywhere, any day, and any time! So it’s ok to have few hitches here and there.


You can’t be everywhere so delegate roles to trusted family and friends on the day. Have a wedding planner (or someone who have been involved in organising weddings). Most likely they have seen 100’s wedding disasters and can spot one ahead of time before it happens.


Try as much as possible preparing ahead of time to the wedding. This will better equip you to avoid little disasters that you can prevent. A stitch in time, they always say…saves nine. Organize your wedding the best possible way and most flaws like these are sure to be prevented.


On your wedding remember it’s a day of fun, not an examination you have to pass to impress your friends and family!  Your wedding day is not your most important day to make things 100% right. It’s important because you’ve got to be happy. Your partner you’re getting married to is imperfect – why worry about a perfect wedding?