Five Wedding Sins You Should Never Commit

No matter who you are or what your wedding preference is, there are certain mishaps that occur before weddings actually take place which you need to avoid. Call them pre-wedding blunders if you may, but they are easily avoidable and we’re going to show you just how well you can do to avoid these mishaps.

Five (5) very simple things to avoid and your wedding will have that touch of class just suitable enough for your taste. Here we go….

wedding blunders

Five Wedding blunders you should never commit

Rule 1: You should never become pre-occupied or overly obsessed over other stuff other than getting yourself ready for your wedding! Yes indeed. You should factor in some time that helps you in properly preparing for the big day. This usually requires less pressure and a relaxed atmosphere as much as possible. Try putting on makeup before the wedding day just to see how you look or appear. This will help correct any mishap that is meant to happen on the day itself. The same applies to your gown.

Rule 2: never you book a venue for your wedding without properly drafting a guest list! Hell NO!  It could be your own space. Which of course makes it ok in some instances, but aside that; I don’t think it’s such a great idea. Booking a venue that can’t accommodate the thousands you’ve invited is not exactly my idea of a fun wedding if you ask me. You need to factor in your guests and their needs as well. Their number and how well the space suits them in totality.

Rule 3: Do not over spend on seemingly unimportant stuff before the wedding. Take an instance being flowers. Why should you over spend on these when there are other things dying for your attention. Like your reception, the drinks and food to serve, wedding giveaways and the likes. Spending too much on stuff you need but not so dearly can toll down on you doing other important contributions towards the wedding. You know it’s true.

Rule 4: Do not ever forget last minute expenses! Before actually planning a wedding, a lot needs to go into budgeting and all. You need to leave some extra space for extra cost that may emerge out of the ordinary plans you’ve made. You cannot really have a fixed budget when it comes to weddings. You just have to leave the door open for other extra cost occurring.

Rule 5: Do not forget your guests to the point of forgetting to feed them! This is most undoubtedly one flaw most weddings commit which the guests do not find funny at all. It’s your wedding they’re attending, the least you can do is to make them feel ok. Give them drinks.., feed them. Who knows how long they might have been waiting just so the ceremony reaches its peak. You don’t want to annoy your guests. It’s a NO-NO.